Edible Fruit Bouquet

Green Seedless Grapes – 1 bunch
Red Seedless Grapes – 1 bunch
Strawberries – 1 pound
Pineapple – 1 whole
Cantaloupe – 1 whole
Seedless Watermelon – 1 whole
Honeydew Melon – 1 whole
Green Onion – 2 bunches
Fresh Parsley – 1 bunch
Fresh Mint – 1 bunch

Equipment needed:
Sharp knife and cutting board
Flower-shaped cookie cutter, heart-shaped cookie cutter
20 to 25 large wooden skewers
20 to 25 toothpicks
Ribbon and a card for mom

Wash and dry all fruit. Remove grapes from the bunch. Without peeling or coring, slice pineapple into 1 ½ inch thick slices. Cut watermelon into 1 ½ inch thick slices. Cut cantaloupe melon in half and remove seeds. Cut the honeydew melon into a basket shape (see instructions on video) and remove seeds. Save the pieces carved out of the honeydew basket for melon balls.

Create grape pieces by threading 6 to 8 grapes on a skewer. Using a flower or heart cookie cutter, press out shapes from the pineapple and watermelon slices. Carefully insert skewers into each flower or heart shape. Using a melon baller, create several round melon pieces from the cantaloupe and the extra pieces from the honey dew melon. Secure melon balls to the center of cut out fruit flowers with a toothpick. Strawberries can be placed on the tip of a skewer to look like a rose. Wrap the wooden skewers with the long green tops of green onions to make it look like a green stem.

Assemble the bouquet by layering “flowers” into basket, creating various heights by cutting some of the skewers shorter, as needed. Push the bottom of the skewers securely down into the flesh of the honeydew melon basket. Fill in empty spaces with fresh parsley or fresh mint. Add a sweet card for mom.

If the edible flower arrangement will not be gifted immediately, the bouquet should be covered securely in clear plastic wrap and refrigerated.