About Chef

I have been cooking for the absolute love and fun of it for many years. I grew up in a farming community on Michigan’s west side where much of my food has always come from sources such as my dad’s enormous garden, the vast orchards of a few farmer friends, the depths of the waters of the Big Lake and even the humble woods of my back yard.

Local Michigan food rocks and I love to cook whatever is in season.

While I like to cook with fresh ingredients, I am no stranger to adding a box or a jar or a can of something to my recipes just to speed things up. I am not ashamed of making semi-homemade substitutions when time is lacking and hunger is growing. Sometimes, in my kitchen, the slow-cooked meal is a champ and, other times, a busy schedule is the winner.

I look forward to trying some new things in the kitchen as well as revisiting old recipes, musing and sharing what I learned in this blog. The best things that I discover in the kitchen will be demonstrated to the lucky students in the cooking classes and demos I do around West Michigan and just might appear to a bigger audience in the occasional live episode of “What’s Cooking?” on WZZM TV13 out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.